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Business formation advisory

Starting a new business is a very exciting and challenging journey, but without adequate consideration to the prerequisites, the chance of failure remains a strong possibility. HAYKALAH provides expert assistance and advice to ensure the success of the new business. HAYKALAH provides carefully planned and research oriented advice in the following components:

  • Market Research
  • Financial Planning
  • Legal & Regulatory Research
  • Product Research
  • Customer Research
  • Locations Planning
  • Defining Competitive Advantage
  • Staffing Considerations
  • Exit Strategy
Business valuations

Business Valuations form a key judgment making element in a wide range of investment transactions. HAYKALAH with its expert work force considers a range of factors including a review of the Business Sector, a review of the business financials, the past and the projected cash flows etc.  By combining the data, HAYKALAH creates a unique value model for the business which incorporates numerous valuation and appraisal techniques providing a better assessment of the business.

Joint Venture assistance

HAYKALAH provides the following services which enables organizations for successful joint ventures.

  • Business Brief on the Company
  • Negotiations for the company from the Memorandum of Understanding to the JV Agreement
  • Assist in Post Completion Operations
Structured Investment

Structured Investment is a type of investment specifically designed to meet an investor’s financial needs by customizing the product mix to adhere to the investor’s risk tolerance. HAYKALAH has advised on developing SIP’s in the past for its local and international clients keeping in mind the needs and demands of the clients.

Islamic Finance Structuring

This rapid rise in the demand for Shariah Compliant Islamic Financial products and services is already one of the largest growth areas in the finance sector. Saudi Arabia is the third largest market when it comes to Islamic Financial Products. HAYKALAH has helped organizations in different sectors to develop Sharia’h compliant products. The Services we offer our clients within this area include the following:

  • Morabaha
  • Tawarooq
  • Musharakah
  • Mudharabah
Leverage & Management Buyouts

HAYKALAH with its expert team has provided its expert guidance for businesses for the following types of buyouts:


The acquisition of another company using a significant amount of borrowed money to meet the cost of acquisition. Often, the assets of the company being acquired are used as collateral for the loans in addition to the assets of the acquiring company. The purpose of leveraged buyouts is to allow companies to make large acquisitions without having to commit a lot of capital.


A Management Buyout is executed when the managers and/or executives of a company purchase controlling interest in a company from existing shareholders.

Banking Relations Advice

Due to its reputable presence in the market, HAYKALAH can provide and assist business relations to local and international businesses to meet their capital needs from banks.

Start-up Project Finance

Start up project finance is a method of financing large-scale, capital intensive projects, in which only the cash flows generated by the project serve as the source of loan repayment and project assets serve as collateral for the loan. Whether our client is a recognized corporation or a new start-up, they all face vital business issues that will decide their future achievement. HAYKALAH offers its clients business and strategic planning that provides detailed guidelines for exploiting opportunities in their chosen marketplace.

Off-balance sheet Financing

HAYKALAH assists businesses by balancing their financial balance through off sheet Balancing in which large capital expenditures are kept off of a company’s balance sheet through various classification methods.

Accounts Receivable Securitization

A company creates a special purpose entity (SPE) and transfers a selection of its receivables into the SPE.  The SPE then sells the receivables to a bank conduit, which in turn pools the receivables that it has bought from multiple companies, and uses the cash flows from the receivables to back the issuance of commercial paper to investors, who in turn are repaid with the cash flows from the receivables. HAYKALAH provides guidance for companies by providing adequate tracking systems in place to monitor the creditworthiness of those debtors whose receivables are included in the SPE, delinquency statistics, and customer concentrations, as well as frequent reporting on receivable collections.


Business formation advisory


Business valuations


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Build Up

If you are building or repairing a business, you’re making deals worth millions and putting your fortunes or the stakeholders’ on the line. Whatever your stake – CEO, Creditor, Shareholder – you need to know what to hold out for and what you can give away. you need connections to capital, people, and information. We help you by building an Islamic structure to take you there.



We take a long-term view of your business, giving us the objectivity to focus on what’s best for your business. With strategic partners worldwide we bring local knowledge to bear on your issues.

Long-term view



we take a long-term view of your business, giving us the objectivity to focus on what’s best for your business. with strategic partners worldwide to bring local knowledge to bear on your issues.