a creative and inventive financial solutions…


Founded in 2004, as boutique investment bank focusing on maximizing value through Islamic financial structuring solutions.


Why Us ?

Our comprehensive approach to financial planning will deliver multiple best possible solution for you, tailored to your specific needs. For financial growth


Our Approach

What we believe in is providing honest, unbiased advice that addresses your financial concerns to help you rationalize your financial situation, crisis and leverage



Achieve an incomparable standard of excellence in our services by providing effective and objective Solutions Structured Islamically, delivered through combining high standards of professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of Shari’a and best business practices

We understand the terrain and simplify the complicated financial landscape enabling us to guide you through the tough situations arising due to financial crisis, common pitfalls and economic downturns. With HAYKALAH by your side, a smooth journey is guaranteed.

We help you to make rapid and informed decisions by providing the following expertise:

Our clients are our starting point

We work in partnership with them. We’ve helped a lot of businesses over the last decade improving their businesses and taking actions with the critical decisions.